What is Sourcefinder?

Sourcefinder is about testing the performance and quality of the Duchamp Sourcefinding application. We've built a simulated cube of the sky containing various radio sources, and it's the job of Duchamp to work out where the sources are. We plan on running Duchamp over the whole cube of simulated data to work how many of the radio sources in the cube it can find. Duchamp will need to be able to identify correct sources while keeping false positives to a minimum.

As this project is in beta, we welcome any sort of feedback, advice, or bug reports. You can either make a post on the forums or send us an email at icrar.tsn.website@gmail.com . We're happy to hear from you.

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Changelog 20th February 2017
Enabled the db exporter to allow users to show their stats for this project. Please wait up to 24hours before the first set of stats are exported!

Bumped up the credit multiplier for workunits from 1 to 1.3. This should hopefully provide people with a more adequate number of credits for each work unit.

Added the following lines to the vbox_job.xml config file:

in an effort to solve a problem described here:

Web queries for will now redirect to

Pushed another set of work units out.
20 Feb 2017, 3:21:07 UTC · Discuss

Changelog 15th February 2017
1. Added max_wus_to_send and max_wus_in_progress to the project config. Both are set to 8, so each user should get a maximum of 8 work units to process at any one time.

2. Updated vboxwrapper applications. Apps were updated to the following version numbers:

    Mac 32bit 26178 -> 26196

    Mac 64bit 26178 -> 26196

    Linux 32bit 26178 -> 26196

    Linux 64bit 26178 -> 26198

    Windows 32bit 26179 -> 26197

    Windows 64bit 26179 -> 26198

3. New set of work units pushed out, we have about 4000 waiting in the queue.

I hope that the new wrapper applications will solve some of the issues we've been having. I'll be waiting for your feedback :).


max_wus_to_send dropped to 1
max_wus_in_progress dropped to 2
max_ncpus dropped to 4
15 Feb 2017, 5:09:25 UTC · Discuss

We're back up.
Hi everyone,

I was in the process of expanding the main hard disk for the sourcefinder server, because the relatively small 50gb disk was no where near large enough to store all the required work units.
While I was attempting to expand the disk, I accidentally terminated the amazon server that ran Sourcefinder. This destroyed all data on the server and destroyed the server instance itself. This was a huge mistake on my behalf and I'm extremely sorry for this.
In the mean time I've been working hard to get a new server running, this time with a larger hard disk and termination protection so that my clumsy hands can't destroy it quite so easily.

I hope this hasn't been too much of an annoyance for many of you.

9 Feb 2017, 6:56:25 UTC · Discuss

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